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“Spirit Led, Spirit Fed” is a collection of articles that have been published in several newspapers in the past eight years.  Reverend Davis has taken tidbits of experiences from over seventy years of his life and put these in short stories.  The stories are based around his growing up in a small South Carolina town, his time in the military service, time in the business world and in the pastoral ministry.  He puts major emphasis on family, the oldest institution known to man, the church, God’s instrument in spreading the Good News of His Son, Jesus Christ, and how He came to save a lost world, and the importance of loving our God and country. Reverend Davis has a unique way of relating everyday personal experiences with spiritual applications.

“A Fresh Sip of God’s Word” contains daily devotions that can change your spiritual life.  This book is unique in that it was written each day as the writer completed his daily quiet time with the Lord.  As Davis read through portions of the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs he asked God to reveal verses or passages that would have special meaning for that day.  The goal was to take these gems and further expound on them where they may provide a ray of sunlight to others who use “A Fresh Sip of God’s Words” as their daily devotion guide.

The last book is “Man’s Diagnosis, God’s Prognosis”.  Reverend Davis was inflicted with melanoma on his nose in 1993.  He went through extensive surgery to remove the cancerous area and to reconstruct his nose through plastic surgery.  He had a recurrence of melanoma in 1997, again had surgery to remove the infected lymph nodes followed by a year of interferon, a newly approved drug for melanoma.  During the treatment the Reverend Davis read a number of books by Christian authors that helped in sustaining him through the dilemma he faced.  He knows the value of personal accounts of cancer patients in fighting the awful disease.  The book provides a step-by-step account of how God can strengthen a person to face obstacles that may stand in the way.  The author does not profess to be an expert on cancer or know all the answers, but can only attest to what he faced and how God helped him through the experience

Spirit Touched is the second book in the Spirit Led, Sprit Fed series.  The author, Don Davis has once again drawn from his collection of short stories published in two newspapers in South and North Carolina.  These were written through the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit to provide readers with accounts of personal life experiences, Biblical based teachings and patriotic stories to stir the soul and provide guidance for daily living.  A background in the military, business and the pastoral ministry provided Don with the insight to reach out to the needs of the average man or woman as they deal with common obstacles people face each day.  As he wrote he was constantly drawing on the power of God’s Spirit and His divine touch.  Reverend Davis is a firm believer that God is in everything we do.  Thus, as you read, you will sense God’s presence and touch as described on each and every page.



“Anna’s Shoebox - Coloring Book”  provides children with the opportunity to read the abbreviated story of Anna’s dream of being a shoebox and/or color each page of Anna’s journey.  For smaller children, the parents and or teachers as appropriate could read the story complete story from the full “Anna’s Shoebox” storybook in teaching the children about the importance of packing shoeboxes for OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD™


“Anna’s Shoebox” is the story of a little girl, Anna, who hears about OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD™ through the visit of her grandparents.  They have come to Franklin Heights Christian Academy to encourage the children to fill shoeboxes for the upcoming shoebox campaign.  They show a video of one of the trips they have taken to South Africa where they were given the opportunity to help a church distribute the shoeboxes received from OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD™ in the United States of America. 

As Anna watched the joy of the children receiving the boxes for which many were their first gift, Anna prayed to the Lord that she could become a Shoebox Gift and go overseas to be delivered to a little girl overseas.  From that point on she continued asking Jesus to let her become a shoebox and make a little girl happy.  The story tells of how Anna goes shopping with her mother her two sisters and how they packed the boxes to get them ready to go. 

On the night she turned her box in at school to start its journey across the ocean, she has a dream where she actually becomes a box and goes through the process of being prepared to make the trip to its final destination.  As she is taken from place to place she is finally put on a ship and the next thing she knows she is at the final destination where she sees the little girl, Tina, who receives Anna, The Christmas Shoebox.  She feels the love of Tina as she takes Anna into her arms and begins to examine the contents where she finds her special gift, a Barbie Doll, along with a little book which tells the story of Jesus.

The story closes when Anna wakes up the next morning bubbling over wanting to tell her mom, dad and sisters about her dream.  She could not wait to get to school and tell her friends about Tina and suggests that every student prepare at least one box to help little children around the world to make sure they are able to hear the story of Jesus.    

“Anna’s Shoebox” is an excellent book to explain why children and adults should prepare Operation Christmas Child™ Shoeboxes and also provides a bird’s eye view of the process of the shoeboxes from inception until delivered to the child.

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Copyright 2013 by Don & Barbara Davis, All rights reserved

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Copyright 2013 by Don & Barbara Davis, All rights reserved

“Restored, A Journey Through Cancer and Beyond” is intended to provide comfort and peace to cancer survivors and their families.  Using his own experiences the author parallels the steps of a cancer survivor to God’s life assurances described by King David in Psalm 23.  The book is brief because the Psalm is brief.  Each chapter is designed to give comfort and peace as David did with explaining his daily relationship to Almighty God.  The survival of each Christian is based on our dependence on God whether we are facing the normal mundane task of life or when we are on the mountain top and everything is rosy or when in the valley where we do not know if we can make it through the day.  David also wrote, “The Lord is nigh unto them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth.” (Ps. 145:18)

The Mischievous Lives of Frank and Duck recorded incidents from the boyhood of Frank Crowley and Donald “Duck” Davis who grew up in Bennettsville, South Carolina.  Earlier in their lives Frank and Duck had discussed writing about growing up in Bennettsville.  They had told their children and grandchildren these stories and both sets had pleaded for these to be written.  Finally, at the request of Donald’s oldest two grandchildren, Brittany Davis Rogers and Joshua Williams, Donald started to write and accumulate stories and incidents about his best friend and his earlier life.  These cover from the time they were about five years old until eleven or twelve.

Bennettsville was a wonderful place to grow up.  If you could glance into the minds of young boys you might get some idea of why they do what they do, but those wheels are turning so fast, I doubt anyone could catch up with them thereby, leaving no clue.  My best guess is that small boys respond by instinct never slowing down to think through the repercussions.  Thus, as these two, most boys of our day were constantly dealing with the latter.

Copyright 2016 by Don & Barbara Davis, All rights reserved


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                            By Don Davis

The author, Don Davis has once again randomly extracted from his collection of short stories published in two newspapers, “The Independent Tribune in Concord, North Carolina, and the Marlboro Herald Advocate in Bennettsville, South Carolina. These were written in the last 10 to 15 years. As the Holy Spirit moves him each week Don writes for his columns for these newspapers. Don relies on Gods Holy Spirit to assist him in selecting stories to write about personal life experiences which will help the readers in their daily life. They come from his lifes experiences, Biblical teachings and patriotic stories. Also, some come from his background in the military, business and pastoral ministry. His goal is to reach out to the needs of the average man or woman as they deal with obstacles they face each day. As he writes he constantly draws on the power of Gods Spirit and His divine intervention. Reverend Davis is a firm believer that God is in everything we do. Thus, as you read, you will sense Gods presence in each incident described on all the pages.